Space Bar Test – How Fast Can You Click?

NOTE: Counter will start immediately after clicking.
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The spacebar test is a simple and silly online game that measures how fast you can mash the spacebar on your keyboard. It’s an easy way to test your clicking speed and compare yourself to others. Some view it as a pointless distraction, but there’s no denying it can be oddly addictive to try to set a new personal record. Let’s take a look at how the spacebar test works and why it’s so popular.

How the Test Works?

The rules of the spacebar test are simple. You go to a website with a spacebar counter, set a time limit (usually 10 or 60 seconds), place your fingers over the spacebar, and start clicking as fast as you can once the timer starts.

The website counts each spacebar strike and calculates your clicks per second at the end. That’s it! There’s no strategy other than mashing that spacebar as quickly as possible. Some sites keep global leaderboards so you can see how your score ranks worldwide.

Tips for Scoring Higher

While the spacebar test requires no real skill, there are some tips to increase your clicks per second:

  • Use two fingers/thumbs – Alternating hands doubles your chances to click quickly.
  • Adjust keyboard angle – Tilt your keyboard up so you can easily slam the spacebar down.
  • Sit up and get in position – Hover your fingers over the spacebar ready to strike.
  • Stay calm and focused – Don’t stress or fatigue your fingers by trying to go too fast.
  • Take breaks between tests – Give your fingers time to rest up before another round.


Why do people take the spacebar test?

  • It provides a simple way to measure keyboard/clicking speed. People like challenging themselves and competing with others.

Does it have any practical use?

  • Not really, but it can be good dexterity practice and even stress relief.

What’s a good score to aim for?

  • For 10 seconds, around 120 clicks per second is excellent. For 60 seconds, 80+ is a top score. But any score over 50 is decent.

What’s the world record?

  • It varies by site, but top scores exceed 150 clicks in 10 seconds. The highest recorded is over 180 clicks per second!

So if you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time and test your clicking abilities, give the addictive spacebar test a try. See if you can set a new personal best, and don’t forget to take breaks to avoid hurting your fingers. It’s a silly game, but improving your score can be oddly satisfying. Just remember not to put too much importance on benchmarking yourself against others. After all, how fast you can click a spacebar has little relevance in real life. How you use your hands the rest of the time is what really counts.